Buhari is planning to stop voters from Islamic Movement from voting -IMN

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Following recent threats on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the movement has expressed fears that the government is planning to stop its members from participating in the oncoming elections.

The Movement alleged that the government is going to use the security agents to clampdown on its members and stop them from casting their votes.

In a press statement signed by a spokesperson if the Resource Forum of the Movement, Ibrahim Gamawa and made available to pressmen on Friday, the Movement called on the stakeholders and observers as well as NGOs to intervene.

The statement in full is as follows:


In its bid to cling to power by all means, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has employed a new strategy on the eight million voters of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria from voting on Saturday.

The government has resolved to use security operatives to harass and detain any person they suspect of being a member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in order to prevent them from voting. By this move, they seek to limit the number of votes to be casted against President Buhari. Such move has already started in some parts of Northern Nigeria. In Potiskum Yobe State, security operatives were seen at the vicinity of the Islamic Movement with the hope of scaring people from voting.

We call on election observers, both local and foreign and civil organisations to observe the situation and witness the discrimination we have been crying about. The very government that accused us of not voting in the past are now trying by every means to prevent us from voting.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has been peaceful in all its activities, more especially the Free Zakzaky Campaign. Since it has resolved to participate in the 2019 elections, many government coffers have panicked and have resorted to many strategies to prevent our 8 million voters from casting their votes, which they surely know that they will not go to the people that violated all our fundamental rights.

We reiterate our call to all civil organizations, local and foreign observers and the general public to to keep a watchful eye on the activities of government agents and security operatives so as to prevent any discrimination against our people and further infringement of our fundamental rights.

We wish all Nigerians well especially in this trying time and pray for a peaceful free and fair election.

Muhammad Ibrahim Gamawa
Member of the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

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