Situations worsen in Zamfara, people forced to migrate to Katsina

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Following incessant killings and destructions perpetrated by bandits in Zamfara state, about three thousand people have migrated to neighbouring Katsina state for safety.

Recently, the German Radio DW Hausa reported that the situation has deteriorated and this is the first time people are running away from their homes to neighbouring states to save their lives.

The report added that those migrating are not after their property or other belongings as such have all been stolen by the bandits.

It added that about three thousand people are seeking refuge in a market place in Dan Sabau village of Kankara Local Government Area in Katsina state.

The migrants told DW that no help has come to them from the authorities during the attack even as they complained through help lines.

Meanwhile, the victims are yet to receive any assistance from Zamfara state government as they depend on direct assistance from the host community.

The chairman of the Emergency Management Agency of Zamfara state, Sanusi Mamman Kwatarkwashi told DW that his men were busy in the temporary refugee camp sending him reports.

Villages in Zamfara are now facing persistent attacks on weekly basis and more lives and property being destroyed.

One thought on “Situations worsen in Zamfara, people forced to migrate to Katsina

  1. Yet the President claims that work is being done to rein this in.Why can’t the security heads be fired and a process to overhaul the architecture begin for heaven’s sake?Must Nigeria lose precious lives for no reason whatsoever?


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